What Goes Bump In The Night

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Presenting the first original book by Hellen Knight, What Goes Bump In The Night, the beginning of The Council of Night Chronicles.

Follow our protagonist Etienne Boudreaux, the young heir to his coven house, as he navigates the changing social and political structure of his hometown, New Orleans, while also having to deal with hothead alchemy student, Nica Caldwell.

Book Summary

Magic overflows out of the ancient cracked bricks and pitted cobblestone streets of New Orleans, you can feel it in the wind that blows through the Spanish moss, curling over the back of your neck like a spectral set of fingers.

For centuries, the city has stood as a proud display of some of the oldest sects of magic users in the country, but times are changing, and with the advent of alchemy, arcane talents are no longer restricted to bloodlines and the choosey whim of supernatural entities.

Now, anyone can learn magic, and this influx of new-age magic users threatens to upend everything the Occult Community stands for, tradition - lineage - antiquity, and as the heir to his coven house, Etienne Boudreaux is not about to stand by and watch his culture be eradicated.

A natural when it comes to magic, he's been doted on his entire life by his community and is used to getting his way, but everything gets abruptly turned on its head when he's forced into a government mandated program alongside a bullheaded, bright young alchemist named Nica. They refuse to be cowed by his posturing, challenge his world view in ways he's not prepared for, and together, the two of them embark on a journey of reluctant understanding, but the way forward is perilous, haunted and stalked by the things that make a home in the black spaces under your bed.

Trigger Warnings: all tags are referenced and discussed throughout the work, if anything is a problem, the author advises you read with caution

  • horror elements (spookies, tension, the written equivalent of a jumpscare, etc.)
  • blood/gore
  • body horror
  • descriptions of character injury/death
  • woe
  • ongoing discussion of death
  • heavy mentions of bones/undead/monsters
  • fantasy cultural appropriation
  • fantasy slur usage
  • anxiety/panic attacks
  • depression

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What Goes Bump In The Night

4 ratings
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